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About Our Team

The Sun City West Masters swim team has been supporting all levels of swimming fitness since the 1980s. We are a group for all swimmers from recreational to competitive. We swim twice per week in 1-hour coached workouts. Many of our swimmers also compete in Masters meets and other local senior meets. While we are not a “learn-to-swim” program, we welcome all levels of swimmers. Most of our swimmers have never been on a team prior to Sun City West Masters and discover they really enjoy friendly competition and our expert coaching to improve their personal fitness. Come out and join us for a couple workouts to see how you like it!

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About Our Coach

Coach Lee Howard has a long and varied aquatic career.  He began coaching in California and moved into a long tenure as head coach of Southern Oregon University’s swim program.  Over the years he has worked with all levels of competitive swimmers, swim teams, university students, master swimmers, Olympians, and other world-class athletes. He has presented numerous international coaching clinics.

Coach Howard enjoys the challenges of the masters swimming programs and the older swimmer. Through his encouragement Sun City West swimmers are winning medals, improving their strokes and learning new techniques to travel through the water efficiently.  Members have fun mastering the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly in structured workouts and clinics.  The Sun City West Masters swim club is fortunate to have a coach with Lee Howard’s varied experiences and accomplishments.

Caryn Canfield

I love being part of the team because it’s more fun to swim with other people, a coach helps me get better and structured workouts improve my fitness faster than swimming on my own. Being a swimmer rounds out my other hobbies of sailing and biking and helps me achieve my goal of aging gracefully!

Why They Joined Masters

Eleine Greene

I’ve been a member of the team about 3 years. It’s a very dedicated group focused on conditioning and skill development. The majority of members have never swam competitively as adults and we are amazed at how much we’ve improved. The best part about the club is sharing time with a wonderful group of aspiring athletes who are so supportive. If you have ever wanted to do more with swimming, this is the club for you.


Kathy Bodmer

Until I joined the SCW swim team, I had never been on any sports team. I love the instruction we receive, and challenging and varied workouts by top-notch coaching. For me, it’s the inclusion and acceptance I feel with all the other swimmers who are always ready to help when needed. It’s a great club to be a part of in SCW!



Our 1-hour coached workouts two days per week typically include a warm up, techniques for stroke improvement, distance and speed sessions, and a cool down. If you are used to swimming laps solo, you will probably find the workouts more challenging but your overall fitness will improve faster.



Only a few members ever swam on a high school or college team, yet most enjoy competing in Masters meets and other local senior meets throughout the year. Our workouts are designed to improve fitness with the goal of competing. Our coach, Lee Howard, works with each swimmer to reach his or her personal goals.



Do you love swimming but find excuses not to swim laps on your own? You need to join our team! We look forward to our group workouts where we get to chat in between laps, encourage one another during the workout, and relax in the hot tub after a hard workout.  We also have social events outside the pool. 

Sun City West Masters Swimming

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